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  1. 0:35 You are terribly wrong there! I honestly think MWR has the best supply drop system out of any other CoD, and the multiplayer was extremely fun to play with no "Letdowns" whatsoever. You probably just didn't like MWR and state "Facts" based on your opinion

  2. DICE and EA have let a lot of the players and fans down for BFV. So they really need hit the mark with this road map or more players will leave. If there isn't some big news like new content, maps etc. or cool stuff coming out in March (other than BR mode) what is there to keep players coming back?!

  3. I wish I could go back to call of duty again but what’s the point. The only good thing about the game is the somewhat realistic gunfights. Even since ghosts, the game went down hill, they introduced so much too quickly and then made the game like csgo. This is why battlefield 5 is gonna get better in the next couple of months, the game is simple and it’s much less complex depending on your playstyle

  4. 1:40 who is the hacker using ESP Cheat as it is so obvious just like Jackfrags? Are DICE giving you the cheat for free to promote BF Vagina? I want a remake of BF4 and Far Cry 2 the best Ever and still has millions of players!!

  5. so the ping system that battlefield has had it's entire lifetime is popular now because of apex??? I mean i get that they innovated on it a bit more, but basically

  6. If MW2 is an add on that will be a piss off but not surprising? Borderlands and Fortnite are just to cartooney for me. I hope Anthem gets it together as I always hope it's not just another hype train going nowhere! Good video as usual, thanks

  7. Call of duty is played out, even if they release this it’ll be boring after 2 months and end up getting ruined by the company again. Hard pass, Cods been trash for years

  8. Out of all the the Call of Duty games that could be remastered, it should be Call of Duty 3 for its multiplayer that brought the most intense fights due to its multiplayer.

    Today's Cod fans don't know what is a good COD game.

  9. Hopefully they don’t nerf noob tubes and one man army that is so fun to do and it isn’t even op everyone is just noob and can’t kill me. They should also remaster infinite warfare that was SUPER fun game.


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