Apple needs to stop being terrible right now
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  1. I will say I'm an Apple user and in the past few years they have gotten a lot better. Sadly I know people still will refuse to use there products because of how they are, and I get that. Apple is a very You get what you get and leave company but they have improved and started listening to there customers. The only thing I will say about any other brand phone users though is Your Exactly The Same.

  2. My brand new $1500 MSI gaming laptop (which I use for creative/marketing work) thrashes brand new $3500 Macbook Pros. The point being:

    There is absolutely nothing "Pro" about Apple's computers.

    The productivity gains from using high-end hardware running Windows can easily be 2-5x for certain industries. I'll never go back. Oh, and Google's Pixel phones paired with G Suite are better than iPhones for the workplace.

  3. Competition is really great. I think for a while Apple raised the bar for the whole industry delivering an end-to-end experience that was way better than other offerings and basically showing the way. But as time passed I have the same feelings about their products (2 years later). Overpriced and underpowerd. So, enough is enough. I'm back on dual boot ubuntu (work) + windows (gaming) on a beastly machine and considering buying an android phone. I have the feeling I was in a cult, you know? But not everything is amazing. I had to purchase a lot of peripherals: fingerprint identification, only have 2 usb-c ports in my case, proper 4k display is expensive and viewing angles are not as good as apples, setup took me many hours and I had to subscribe to 1password since keychain is no longer an option, go back do firefox among other changes. So, at the end, I'm satisfied but I imagine the path I took is not for everyone. I still buy Apple products for my wife, for example. The package just makes more sense for her.

  4. Macbook what a piece of Shite

    So ive had this MacAir for like 3 years and I just started editing video on Imovie, what a fucking headache is this shit!
    managing space like its fucking early 2000's ! what the fuck is wrong with Idiots at Apple
    fuck you Apple guys, Fuck you

  5. People talk about durability when I've literally been using my Dell vostro which I bought for like $350 as a student laptop 5 years now. It didn't even come with windows, I use a pirated version I paid $3 for and as a law student who's more intense use is Microsoft word, Netflix, and browsing, it works perfectly well for me. I'll prolly buy a thinkpad after I graduate but for a purely academic purpose I don't see the point in buying a machine capable of so much more than you can possibly use it for, seems like a ginormous waste.

  6. I don't really care about iOS but I really did love the hardware on Apple products when they made the iPhone 6s, I bought it for my mom back then, but iPhones these days look really chunky to me, I got my mom an XR this year but I'm getting myself a pixel

  7. 4:36 pfff apple care? They don’t know anything about fixing shit they just are really wasteful and replace stuff. 3rd party repairs are where it’s at. To bad apple won’t sell their components so 3rd party can’t repair and it makes them look bad.


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