This is an alternate way on completing Realistic Mission 6 super quick compared to my other video. THIS VIDEO DOES NOT SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THE ENTIRE MISSION OR EXPLAIN PROOF OF CONCEPT, it only shows you how to decrypt. Check out my other HTS Realistic 6 video on how to beat it fully, and the Proof of Concept + Sources on the mathematical decryption and more.


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  1. # MyPython3 Script Just Take It

    def decrypt(string):
    # 字符串列表化
    list = [int(i) for i in string.split('.') if i != 'n']
    dList1 = [list[i] for i in range(len(list)) if i % 3 == 0]
    dList2 = [list[j] for j in range(len(list)) if j % 3 == 1]
    dList3 = [list[k] for k in range(len(list)) if k % 3 == 2]
    # 每三位相加,生成ASCII列表
    dList = [i+j+k for i, j, k in zip(dList1, dList2, dList3)]
    # 减去可能的密钥
    for i in range(1000):
    rList = [x-i for x in dList]
    # ASCII还原
    aList = [chr(x) for x in rList]
    rawStr = ''
    for i in aList:
    rawStr += i
    print(rawStr + 'n')
    except ValueError:


  2. I'm going to post this here too in case you didn't see on the other video
    does the same thing but faster and more user-friendly
    paste the encrypted text into the textbox and click the button
    it will decrypt the original message

  3. When i press enter after the -c it just asks me if i wanna open it, i press yes and it asks me to choose a program which would open it, i choose bloc note and it just gives me a file saying this: "#!C:Perlbinperl.exe
    # Change the above line to point to Perl on your system" and followed by a bunch of errors and other stuff.
    So i changed the program to Perl.exe, but now when i enter -c in CMD it just takes it as if i didn't put the -c .. :-c
    What am i doing wrong?

  4. @go0nTMM also… you need to change it within the file too… this is maybe what you missed… open as a text document and switch the path on the top line to C:Perl64BinPerl.exe then save it using save as, file name: and save as type: all files.


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