In this video I go over all of the New Details about the Multiplayer PVP mode in Ghost Recon Breakpoint! I hope you enjoy! Make sure to smash that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for more great content!

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  1. Reporting function….If Ubisoft support currently cant answer mails or questions in Months, what good is a report function going do? Doesnt help if you ban a guy 4/6 months after he cheated…

  2. hey brother so i jus got off my xbox n my breakpoint was updating was like 38.9 GB i think which was on xbox one any news on that??? do we get to play the game or ???

  3. I enjoyed seeing your character strafe like the older SOCOM games. It's almost a signature style of movement. Your character peeks out at the beginning of the lateral movement allowing very little exposure from cover.

  4. I hope we get to see teammates in cut scenes and hopefully on the the first mission we can invite our friends and then ready up to we can see the start of the game together

  5. Look a lot like wildland graphic
    , its ok for me , also i already pre order this game just for story , so i dont i think i will play multyplayer, just story so i can enjoy,
    put beer to get cold and start the game 🙂

  6. 4v4 ONLY is not good ,especially with insane MP modes coming to COD… that's not helping bring NEW players to GRB .. I get it that ppl liked 4v4 in GRW but there's probably more that didn't..I grew bored of 4v4 only its fun to play don't get me wrong just need to add other options like 8v8 and 10v10 or something for that change of pace.. Look how you can play 2v2 in COD vs some buddies and say hey guys lets amp it up wit some 32v32 that's insane MP content

  7. I really want to see a large scale PvP mode in this game. Something along the lines of a 20 vs 20 ghosts vs wolves mode. There's so much potential for a king of the hill style mode, or even something to CoD's ground war. Just wish Ubisoft would see in the potential in larger player counts.

  8. Only way to really go PVP Is to let people chose between Ghost or Wolves man!!!!!!! Imagine u trying to prevent people from completing a mission as a Wolf or trying to beat the game against people playing the bad guys ufff that’s real PVP in my opinion!!!

  9. The drone gear being on-site is a brilliant move. Dynamic weather and different parts of terrain will affect gameplay to dramatic effect!! Mixing progression between PVP and campaign (like Vegas 2?) AND dedicated servers? That’s quite exciting!! Would love to see some maps reaching into OG Recon with a Siege Mode!


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