Fallout 76 brings along the quietness of its single-player predecessors, for better and worse.

The First 16 Minutes of Fallout 76 in 4K:

Fallout 76: Detonating a Nuke Gameplay in 4K:

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  1. I realize why there’s no one else but all the players and enemies. It’s because vault 76 was the first vault to open within the first 200 years after the nuclear war, and they were the first to rebuild.

  2. Cooperative fights.. if you have friends to play with. If you are a solo player you end up NOT doing those fights because in the 15 square miles of map there are 26 players doing whatever they want. This is not Multiplayer, is barely a co-op. A funny game that missed a whole lots of points but capitalize on a well-known brand and concept. it's unbeliavable how poorly developed this game is despite how fun it is to play with.

  3. It's like Minecraft. You question your morality and Morales. You look into those vast lands and know your alone. I would say more so I'm gonna leave a video title to get what I'm saying. (the terrifying truth about Minecraft) the fear raiser.

  4. I just want to play through a Fallout campaign/story with a friend over online coop. Instead of having an NPC follower. And they give us an MMO-esk pubg-like, story-less survival loot grind with random proole. GJ Bethesda.

  5. The new V.A.T.S. System is quite frustrating and I understand it has to be that way with it being on a server, however I’m sure they could have slowed time down and sped up to current time when you exit V.A.T.S. I’ve seen this done in previous co-op gameplay (dying light for an example)


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