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Cách làm dưa cải chua rất dễ, vàng đẹp, giòn, làm đâu được đó – How to make mustard green pickles, (it’s called haam choy in China)

After washing the mustard green, you should dry them by putting them outside in a sunny day for 2-3 hours. It depends on how sunny and hot of the weather you can extend or lessen the time.
Because it’s in winter at where I live, I just let the mustard green dry naturally. I put them close by the stovetop areas

1 kg of mustard green
1.2 litter of water
3 tbsp of salts
1 tbsp of sugar
1 onion
1 bunch of green onion (optional)
1 kg mù cai xanh lam dua
1,2 lít nước
3 muỗng canh muối
1 muỗng canh đường
1 củ hành tây
1 bó hành lá (tùy ý)

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  1. Nhìn ngon muốn chảy nước miếng bạn ơi 🤤 Mình ở Đức nhưng rất thích ăn dưa VN và hay tự muối 👍🏻


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