An orbital strike that hits you anywhere on the map without warning? Yep. I’m out.

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  1. Less of a specific weapon and more of a usable quote-unquote "character" but the Gundam Mk2, Methuss & Qubeley are pretty OP in Battle Operation 2.
    Only reason i know of the USAS is cos of Battlefield Friends.

  2. The Vex Mythoclast. It was a twofold problem. Super OP in multiplayer, and though it was supposed to be a rare drop for killing Atheon, you used to be able to kill him by pushing him off the ledge with fireball grenades so everyone ended up getting the gun. It really sucked because once it got nerfed, it became near useless in PVE content.

  3. The Farsight was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title. Second was the gun from Turok 2 that shot homing rounds that drilled into the target's brain for a 1-shot kill.

  4. The Opressor mk2 is the stupidest thing ever. Evryone who uses it thinks there soo talented. If u wana troll someone on gta do it the traditional way. I understand its usefulness in completing missions,setups, and sell runs quickly but if u use this ur trash at the game and u need to re-visit the skill level ur at. Ur trash

  5. as a mk2 oppressor owner i 100% agree with what was said about them…. HOWEVER, im also a solo player with every type of business in the game. having the mk2 makes running them so much more efficiently. i guess im one of the very few mk2 owners who operate on a 'return fire only' policy. i dont actively hunt and grief people.

  6. The BF3 USAS is legendary but that game had a M26 mass glitch, a Famas that was really really good (then they nerfed it to where it was the opposite – two extremes) and the most fun – the MAV.

  7. The oppressor mk2 is the sole reason I quit playing GTA5 online; every lobby is littered with trolls using it to grief other players and makes it where grinding to get it is impossible for new players, meaning u have to pay to get, ie pay to win.

  8. 8. i always shoot a a distance with any gun that's not a shotgun.
    6. it a decent assault rifle.
    5. if you know where the enemy is at.
    4. the smart part of that pistol should be disabled for online/offline mp.

  9. Wish they bring back proximity chat into or team chat it really made battlefield 3 so much better fights were crazy immersive with it hearing all your team giving out the enemies hiding spot made the map bazaar and canel so fun diffently when bugs were rampart for the drone you could fly on lol


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